Affordable Housing II
Affordable Housing II – Closing the Gap: A Strategic Approach to Balancing Supply & Demand (2024)
This report offers essential insights into studying key statistics and actionable strategies to help bridge the affordable housing gap. It addresses the pressing issue of affordable housing in Malaysia by examining the mismatch between supply and demand. It provides a localised analysis of housing affordability, outlines a practical framework for stakeholders, and identifies key factors that can stimulate affordable housing development. The Affordable Housing II report highlights the importance of streamlining the Federal and State Government’s housing initiatives and a centralised database for effective decision-making.
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Housing Forward – Understanding Costs & Sustainable Prices (2022)​
This report delivers the industry’s perspective on key issues relating to the costs of doing business. It proposes strategic recommendations on how the issue of increased costs of doing business can be adequately addressed and mitigated to ensure that house prices are retained at a more sustainable level for future house buyers.
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Research Book 2022
Affordable Housing – The Game Plan Transformation (2018)​
This report analyses the issues and challenges faced in affordable housing provision and provides insights into key factors driving and hindering affordability. It provides transformational game-changing solutions that will drive a more sustainable affordable housing sector for all Malaysians. The report is a first of its kind, as it engages readers on key structural issues surrounding affordable housing from the supply and demand sides.
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Strata Management Handbook (2018)​
This handbook provides a comprehensive guide to strata management practices, offering essential insights and best practices for property developers and managers. It also covers engagement with the Commissioner of Buildings (COB) or Strata Management Tribunal (SMT) in handling disputes. The Statra Management Handbook translates the Strata Managemet Act 2013 (Act 757) and its Regulations to day to day management manual and shares insights on management best practices for stakeholders’ reference.
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Strata Management Handbook


Cost of doing business and impact on construction industry
Cost of Doing Business and Impact on Construction Industry (2021)​
In collaboration with the Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM) focusing on compliance costs and the impact of such costs on affordable housing. It further analyses the affordable housing development cost structure resulting from two of the recommendations detailed therein, i.e. development of affordable housing on government land and private utilities companies to bear their infrastructure costs.
IBS and QLASSIC – Making It Work for the Industry (2021)​
The research report is a collaboration project with the Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM). The report focuses on the IBS and QLASSIC adoption, identifying the key challenges of the IBS approach that led to the reluctance of the industry players, especially developers and contractors to adopt IBS in their development projects. Recommendations include industry incentives, training, catalyst projects and organisational coordination.