Being an independent Research arm of the Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association (REHDA), REHDA Institute (RI) Research assumes a pivotal role in advancing the real estate industry’s best practices and contributing positively to Malaysia’s overall development. Our core mission is to create market awareness and enhance industry standards, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the real estate sector. We accomplish this through the dedicated creation of research reports, the compilation and analysis of pertinent research data, and the publication of insightful works that address the contemporary issues facing our industry. Our key findings and recommendations are presented to key policymakers with the aim of transforming and advancing the performance and sustainability of the real estate sector.

Over the years, RI Research has consistently delivered valuable contributions to the field of real estate particularly on housing. Our portfolio includes significant publications such as:

  • Affordable Housing II – Closing the Gap: A Strategic Approach to Balancing Supply & Demand (2024): This publication aims to address the structural problems in affordable housing development in Malaysia at a micro level, including identifying underlying factors contributing to Malaysia’s enduring housing affordability challenges and providing solutions.
  • Strata Management Handbook (2018): A comprehensive guide to strata management practices, offering essential insights and best practices for property developers and managers.
  • Affordable Housing – The Game Plan Transformation (2018): This publication outlines the transformative approaches to drive the country towards a more sustainable affordable housing sector for all Malaysians.
  • Housing Forward – Understanding Costs & Sustainable Prices (2022): This work promotes a better understanding of compliance costs involved in housing development and their impact on price sustainability.
  • Digital Marketing Transformation Initiative Report (2022): A market-based report that delves into the insights and trends of digital marketing in the real estate industry.
  • Marketing & Sales In The Property Industry (2022): A comprehensive exploration of marketing and sales techniques tailored to the property sector, offering actionable insights to industry professionals.
  • Property Industry Survey (PIS): Periodical initiatives (biannual) to gauge industry performance and sentiments, providing a valuable barometer for stakeholders.
  • Homebuyers Surveys in MAPEX: An ongoing commitment to understanding the needs and preferences of homebuyers in Malaysia, providing real-time industry demand for developers.
  • RI In Touch: Quarterly newsletters updating REHDA members and stakeholders on events, activities, and articles pertaining to real estate.


These publications and ongoing survey initiatives are a testament to our unwavering dedication to elevating industry practices, fostering sustainability, and driving positive changes in the real estate landscape. Our mission is not just about research; it’s about shaping the future of the industry we hold dear.

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