Facade Design & Sustainability for Real Estate Industry


Facade Design &  Sustainability for Real Estate Industry

Facade is one of the most complex part of a building, a facade not only gives the building the appearance and its architectural impression, it is also tells us how the building function in terms of energy performance, sustainability and safety. Facades also plays an important role in operating cost of a building. In designing a facade many of the disciplines are involved.

To share a short morning sharing on building facade and some common key points that developers need to look out for in high rise building. Some of the sharing can be anonymous cases from expert experience or case studies from overseas etc. It will be good for Malaysian developers to know that there could be more than just saving small amounts of money but companies ending up paying so much more rectify. Over time, it is hoped that overall construction standards can be improved with more awareness from such sharing.

Topic covers the following:

1. Key points that developers need to look out for in high rise building on facade design

2. Explore on a few case studies in Malaysia and overseas of facade design towards real estate development.

3. How developers can achieve cost saving along with high performance?


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Facade Design and Sustainability for Real Estate Industry

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