Requisition for EGM


The strata owner has pressing issue which he would like to call an EGM to resolve it. What are the procedures?


Below are some extracts of relevant sections of the Strata Title Act, which provide the guides on the requisition of the EGM.

  1. The management committee shall convene an EGM upon a requisition in writing made by the proprietors who are together entitled to at least ¼ of the aggregate share units [Paragraph 11(2a), Second Schedule, SMA]
  2. The requisition shall state the objects of the meeting and shall be signed by the requisitionist and deposited at the registered office of the management body, and may consist of several documents in like form each signed by one or more requisitionists [Paragraph 11(3), Second Schedule, SMA]
  3. The EGM shall be held as soon as practicable but in any case, not later than 6 weeks after the requisition has been deposited at the registered office of the management body [Paragraph 11(4a), Second Schedule, SMA]
  4. At least 14 days’ notice of EGM shall be given to every strata owner [Paragraph 12(1), Second Schedule, SMA]
  5. The notice of EGM shall include but not limited to the following:
    1. The place, date and time for the meeting
    2. Each proposed resolution to be considered at the meeting; and
    3. A notification to each strata owner of his voting rights and that he may vote in person or by proxy at the meeting
    [Paragraph 12(1), Second Schedule, SMA]
  6. If the management committee fails to convene the EGM within the time period in Paragraph 11(4) Second Schedule of SMA, the COB may authorize in writing any person to convene an EGM for such purposes as may be approved by the COB [Paragraph 11(5b), Second Schedule, SMA]
  7. In the case of a meeting convened pursuant to item f above, all costs incurred by the person in convening the meeting shall first be paid the by management body to that person and such costs shall be recoverable as debt due from all the members of the management committee personally to the management body [Paragraph 11(6), Second Schedule, SMA]

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